Thursday, 8 April 2010

Take a seat

Well with the Sun high in the sky it shows up the beautiful landscape around us and the ugly. Is it me or do glass windows look dirtier than they did in winter. It shows the hoard of rubbish too.

My dad brought a chair from the auction the other day."It's a bargain!" If you have seen the character who plays the dad in "East is East" you will get an idea of what i mean. I though my dad had bought a pair of chairs but no just the one. Although one of those modern wooden types we don't have room for it. The living room now definitely resembles juble sale rejects room. In addition to the sofa there is the followind medley:

  1. Green leather chair (dad took it out of HIS room to put in the living room) now a permanent fisture
  2. Office swivel chair
  3. A very short antique looking stool which is now being used as a table.
  4. Wooden chair from our dining room set which we put away.
  5. and the latest addition to the family chair is a modern wooden chair with an oval shaped back.
(oh an the two computer tables,sofa, tv, box of books, tow side tables  oen in a corner wiht hoards of books. and with a 1m by 70cm area to walk around)

When i enquired about where to put it, i was told to get lost and get my own flat.....yeah maybe i will and i won't house your junk dear dad.

The new chair now sits in the middle of the front room -yeah real matches nothing and kind of representative of my state of mind when you have so much in your head you can't organise it and it clutters your thinking. I was wondering are all hoarders disorganised thinkers and hence messy people?....

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