Saturday, 8 November 2014

Who has been to the doctors about their hoarder relative?

A few years ago my mother reassured us that dad would stop hoarding once we put all his books in the garage of our home  (not his). 2 deaths, one wedding and 2 grandchildren later the living room has spiralled into jenga again but with more unusual objects (and yes the garage is full). My dad has discovered gum tree and got his hand on a uni cycle and last week got another from a charity shop. 

Where the hell is he going to use it ? His garden and house is unsafe, that leaves the public road.
I am thankful for the rain because it means the Sunday car boot sales no longer run but I am worried that now my dad is getting to grips with technology a lot of his hoard will be delivered by courtesy of Royal Mail. I have pretended to not know how Ebay works to discourage my dad form using it.

I'm thinking now is a good time to book him for a GP appointment and hopefully get a referral for CBT counselling. He has given up on work (self employed) anyway. How does one broach the subject to a hoarder about seeing a doctor and how have GP's in the UK responded? A
If I make an appointment about my concerns for my dad what can my GP do?
Any advice would be appreciated.