Friday, 6 August 2010


Obsessive compulsive disorders OCD become more prevalent as one gets anxious as a result of changes in life-and compulsive hoarding is no different. The past few months my dad has been collecting tools even though he does not do DIY.He already had a pile of toolboxes in the kitchen (no room left in the bedroom and they rus in the shed).
What's really been bugging me is Why? Why do certain people become like this, what emotional triggers are there.To find a cure or to be realistic, a way of managing it one has to look at the cause-Looking at childhood experiences.
My theories/explanation based on my own observation is that compulsive hoarding is a consequence of missing something in childhood- a parent or material objects, maybe become homeless or displaced, a way of creating some kind of control on one aspect of one's life,an inability to express feelings in words or physical action, an emotional sentimental attachement to objects, temporary joy, a burglary or betrayal,escaping making real relationships. My dad dreads throwing away something as it just might come in handy.9 out of 10 times it won't or he will not be able to find it.Are there any particular traits common to OCD hoarders?I am certain that there must be some common characteristics in hoarders. How common is it?
Just as autism was little understood a decade ago and known as a spectrum of disorders.

As ever being a curious person I'm hoping further research would go into helping people overcome hoarding.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Apologies have been extremely busy with work. A lot has happened since my last post. Firstly the hoarder is out of the house and out of the country! well temporary  and not on happy terms-attending a funeral. Meanwhile here we have sent as much junk as possible to the recent metal shed in the garden. That gives some space but still you can tell i'm living iwth a hoarder.
 It's very tempting to get rid of the previously mentiond boxed deluxe green bbq set from my room but i know dad will have a barmy. As a rule living with hoarders you should never gid rid of thier stuff without their permission according to hoarders-it makes them insecure and want to accrue more material objects. I politely asked to get rid of the BBQ and got an argument in return.It's true if i don't like it i should move. I am that generation of kids who have graduated and shamelessly still live with parents and siblings but i do my bit clean (but not cook) pay utilities (until a few months ago) and not to mention ironing!
Anyway the next few weeks i hope to do justice to this blog.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

BREAKTHROUGH:10 books down 100 or so to go!

OMG newsflash: Dad got rid of 10 books and they were quickly dispatched to the local charity shop before he changed his mind! This momentous occasion took place yesterday 04/06/2010

So what made the most stubborn person ever known in my world to take this small step.Most hoarders are in the habit due to anxiety and if you tell them what  to do they get very are very defensive and in my dads case argumentative even when there is no logic behind their reasoning.
Without divulging too much into the conversation that lead to this momentous occasion of operation "declutter house" let me point out that my dad's clutter of books began appoximately 30 years ago.He believes he has hayfever and so will take a antihistamine tablet when ploughing (not reading) through his "library" as this always ends in a sneezathon.With extremely high pollen count in the last few days i have been a right state-gritty blodshot eyes and sandpaper throat,this was the catalyst needed to get some perspective. Converation with my west midlands accent and

me: So dad howz your hayfever these dayz?
DAD: ok nothing wrong.
me:hmm the pollen count is reaaaalllly high, maybe its your books that causes the sneezing.
(quiet long pause) look at my face
i then calmly suggested that the books caused a lot of dustmites and were affecting his and everyone else's health. Instantly he got defensive and said  and so follows the gist of uour conversation:
  • Stating not suggesting throwing all the books away just the ones that were not used by anyone and dated for example a book entitled "bed and breakfasts in Ireland 1996",
  •  how you have to lose some old things to make room for new,
  • explained how half the information is available on the internet. To which he replied internet takes up electricity books don't (secretly i though they consume trees).
  • stressed was not arguing just making it easier for everyone.
  • Even sharing the story of a pile of books falling down the stairs in the middle of the night and having to wake up and put them back.
  • A lot of books are sold cheap i even saw a store with £1 books
  • Would not make a profit from selling books on the web especially if not selling for much and then various fees and time consuming.
  • he suggests a car boot i explain you probably wouldn't even make 20p and that soem of the books shoudl be in a museum. :
  • Suggest giving books to charity shop a good deed
  • Stated ho even colleges and universities send thick textbooks to refuse/ecycle -seen with my own eyes.
  • He said he had seen lecturers/professors sell books at car boot sales, yes they sell them because even they are rejecting those outdated books!
  • I pointed out how he used to say English and Histoy were useless for jobs so asked why on earth was he keeping poetry books -in English (as it's not his first language and doesn't get it)
Have mentioned all these points before just not in one go. As i was making my point i was showingthe  books that were useless e.g widnows 95.but without being too critical. Anyway i went downstairs and left him to it. He had amassed 10 books in half an hourr which he was sure he did not need. Sent them packing to the chairty shop and he had already got some more to get rid of. bed and breakfasts in Ireland 1996" was sent-hope to go Ireland some day windows 95 did not budge.Still progress on a hot summers day...even if he did start sneezing.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

social phobia=clutterphile

Hoard to the point the clutter has no sentimental value The following link has identified men who have a social phobia as those most likely to hoard. When it comes to women, those who hoard have a bipolar or eating disorder. This is interesting...eating disorders in young women are usually (but not always) about have some control of their life

buying love

Been very busy lately but i have been researching scientific papers. There seems to be more research carried out in the US than anywhere else. Some traits were identified his people who were hoarders. I hope to write an article (or two) summarising the findings. Though whether the characteristics of hoarders can be used as diagnostic tools globally as yet to be explored.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Allergy to museums

Random thought, recently i popped into the British Library in London where i was appreciating some old and rare books in a dark gallery (i assume it is to preserve the documents) when i started sneezing. Last time in London i had a huge sneezing fit at the Science museum.
Hmmm I am sure these  public building are cleaned properly and regularly but i couldn't help thinking that since i have a dust allergy, maybe the little nooks and crannies aren't so scrupulously cleaned. If they're not using one already, a HEPA filter vacuum should do the trick oh and maybe an air ioniser. Just wondering if anybody else had any sneezing similar experience of visiting old museums and libraries?

My typo errrrrrrors

The observant amongst you  may have noticed i have some typo errrrrrrrrrors in my posts,the  reason for which is my ageing laptop whic is missing he "R" button so sometimes the letter is totally omitted or appearrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to many times.
The latest from the hoarders daughter:
father continues to buy junk from car boot sales.
Pollen count high and accrued dust mite continue to affect my health.
Not in a mood to write but i have lots of ideas for this post.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Take a seat

Well with the Sun high in the sky it shows up the beautiful landscape around us and the ugly. Is it me or do glass windows look dirtier than they did in winter. It shows the hoard of rubbish too.

My dad brought a chair from the auction the other day."It's a bargain!" If you have seen the character who plays the dad in "East is East" you will get an idea of what i mean. I though my dad had bought a pair of chairs but no just the one. Although one of those modern wooden types we don't have room for it. The living room now definitely resembles juble sale rejects room. In addition to the sofa there is the followind medley:

  1. Green leather chair (dad took it out of HIS room to put in the living room) now a permanent fisture
  2. Office swivel chair
  3. A very short antique looking stool which is now being used as a table.
  4. Wooden chair from our dining room set which we put away.
  5. and the latest addition to the family chair is a modern wooden chair with an oval shaped back.
(oh an the two computer tables,sofa, tv, box of books, tow side tables  oen in a corner wiht hoards of books. and with a 1m by 70cm area to walk around)

When i enquired about where to put it, i was told to get lost and get my own flat.....yeah maybe i will and i won't house your junk dear dad.

The new chair now sits in the middle of the front room -yeah real matches nothing and kind of representative of my state of mind when you have so much in your head you can't organise it and it clutters your thinking. I was wondering are all hoarders disorganised thinkers and hence messy people?....

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Staffordshire Hoard.

A hoard also means an accumulation or preservation for future use. Such as a hoard of gold. The truth is a lot of our  modern day "hoard" will not be needed. However, here is a hoard which is worth holdng on to.

Anglo-Saxon  crafted gold and silver ornaments were discovered in Litchfield, Staffordshire, 6 months ago by one man and his metal detector on a farmer land.
Today it was announced "The Staffordshire Hoard" will stay in the West Midlands. A proud moment for the country and region as much money  was raised by the public and the National Memorial Heritage fund to keep it in the UK.
This precious piece of history is open to the public at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery,Birmingham city centre. Nearest train stations are Birmingham New Street and Snow Hill station. Although entrance is free you are welcome to give a donation

For further information look at the bmag website
Picture taken from BMAG website. :)

Sunday, 21 March 2010



21st March is officially spring in the northern hemisphere and so daylight is longer. A time for people to "spring clean" It is my favourite time of the year but i also dread every Sunday for it is my dads hoardophilic day of clutter :"car boot sale" day. He fervently attends and I guarantee he will not return empty handed.

Last week he brought a black metal computer table to place in the living room which already has a computer table packed with stacks of (crap) books, what incensed me was when my youngest brother asked what use is it (since we disposed of the last PC while he was out of the country), he quipped "to do your homework on", errm one slight snag its one of those with lots of holes for ventilation..holes that represent the hole in his logic and consideration.
 And to top it off, dad had trouble finding something in his room so he got rid of an ugly green chair and placed it in the living room. Last winter we packed away the dining table to make some room so we could walk from one end of the room to the other without doing a detour and walking at a sideways stance.

Has anybody else experienced this kind of situation where you make some improvements to make space and the hoarder just undoes your efforts?

The making of a hoarders daughter

They do say hoarding runs in families but whether it is due to inheritance through our genes or learned behaviour has yet to bescientifically investigated
I have a confession :(- i have broke my new years resolution the one about no buying books, well i did borrow library books and read them... but they didn't have the latest books i was in pursuit of and so I ended up buying some at Waterstones, well the 3 for 2 offer is tempting and not to mention their loyalty card which the sales assistant boasted had been voted the 4th best retail card.
I know i could have ordered in the books from another library  if i couldn't get them or even looked on Amazon for a cheaper deal but hey everybody else is treating themselves to food, clothes, cigarettes and cosmetics. Besides one of the books Beauty is the Costa award winner.

Anyways i have been severely reducing my chocolate intake this year so these small purchases make up for it especially since i read the chocolate connoiseur. Apparently what we regard of chocolate is mostly sugar and this is what people crave  for when they say they are a chocoholic- so i might as well admit i am addicted to sweet stuff.
Did you know that Cadbury Dairy Milk is not considered by the EU to be a chocolate but more of a vegelat?! Well i do say chocolate is made from a cocoa bean which grows on a tree and thus a vegetable (a very processed one).

Ok in one post i am justifying my reasons for buying books and as compensation for giving chocolate. I'm battling with the hoarder within me.

Back to the main topic none of my brothers are hoarders, yet my little sister is. She went through a bizarre phase of collecting empty plastic bottles which she claims was for an art project, but she changed her mind so then i ended up finign TWENTY empty plastic bottles hidden behind bed and boxes.She also hold on to other bits and bobs, and i shudder to think what posessions she will hoard at my age.Which got me thinking if one acknowledges hoarding is a problem would it be best to see a GP and get referred to a psychotherapist for cognitive therapy or to get private psychotherapy

Friday, 19 March 2010


I love spring, daylight is longer and as the sun enters the house you can see the specks of house dust-this usuallys  end my dad into a panick and blames the "dust" on my mum not cleaning HIS books-logic? no
 I was wondering if those of you who live with hoarder are blamed for the hoarders cause of collection and maintenance.

Usually i'm out with the damp cloth wiping away surfaces AND carefully each book, allowing it to dry before placing back in the "correct order"  i.e "the horders order" but as you guess this year i won't- firmly sticking to my new years resolutionn

I tried looking for  a secondhand bookseller in Birmingham city centre but couldn't the one i was looking for closed down this is perhap a sign that selling books is no longer a viable business....

Thursday, 18 March 2010

savvy storage

Upon waiting in the doctors surgery last month i was browsing through magazines and came across the mention of a website "supersavvy" that had tips on how to declutter the home without spending a fortune. It suggested you can get storage boxes from poundland and other discount stores, so if you're skint and a student then you can get one from here. Upon my trek the local poundshop i learner they also sell kitchen storage and vacuum sealed bags for clothes.
On the other hand if you want something that will match the room the obvious choice would be Ikea and homebase.
Here is a handy link to a article on savvy-storage: lounge options
The website is aimed at parents but i will be book making it as it has lots of other interesting sections

I can do one better than poundland:
98p shop sells those little toiletry baskets in bright colours!

Back to hoarding- my dad does not allow cardboard boxes to be disposed of just in case. They are usually used to keep his books in until they can't withstand it and break, i admit this is friendly to the envionment- recycling but it just encourages my dad to buy more. Sometimes my mum ends up folding clothes and putting them in cardboard boxes since his wardrobe is jammed with clothes.
At the top of the stairs on the landing my dad has THREE   (just checked Four)  blue reactangular plastic boxes stacked with books, upon which sits a 2metre high tower of books. The top box looks bent from the pressure.It's a miracle nobody has been hurt, Oh and there is 6 foot expandable ladder next to it-(because we couldn't find a better place).That will be handy if any of us shorties end up in an avalance of books!Yes we do have bookshelves in our house but they are packed as you've probaly guessed.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Today 4th March is world book day. Children up adn down the country are give an £1 book token to use on a book. I never used mine, then again i was probably sick of books and my spend thrift dad would never buy a full priced book.Always had to be on sale or "bar gain" .

This year the website are giving books for a £1. Books today are a lot cheper to buy with onine bookshops and discount stores such as The Works.

See here for more details about what all the fuss is about.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hoarder wins court battle.

Did you see "The One Show" last night?Richard Wallace is a hoarder who has filled his garden with "mostly building materials".  His neighbours have lost a court battle to get the eyesore removed. I'm not sure if the bbc will let me put a link to the video but it can be seen on iplayer at their website, date 02/03/10 and starts 4 minutes in.Amy Williams the Gold medallist was on just before that.
I thought it was brave of Richard to even appear on TV in the first place, admitting his hoarding developed 34 years ago:
"i must confess a lot of it is to do with household waste" he adds his grandad was a hoarder so it has probably rubbed off onto him. Would be nice for the BBC to explore the issue further.
Aggi Mckenzie, from the TV show "How clean is your house?" (love it) gave her opinion too. The short clip is about 3 minutes long

My dad's hoard is not that bad compare to one shown but at one point we did have 2 useelss cars and a motorbike in our garden and lots of junk. It would be nice if there was a programme focusing on why people hoard. Is it inherited? are certain characteristics or illnesses linked to hoarding? is it triggered by a life changing event such as the death of a family member or fear of losing or forgetting?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Balance the books?

What is one persons junk is anothers treasure.As you may have gathered my dads hoard of books are gathering dust. A few days ago i found a book which appears older than my dad. Its called "More English Idioms for Foreign Students" by A.J.Worral. It is the 2nd edition from 1954, published by Longmans with the old logo (they publish a lot of revision guides of which we have in abundance). The terminology is probably dated but this would be ideal for "TEFL- Teaching English as a Foreign Language".Anyway, this got me thinking, books older than my dad might be worth something......
A contact list of antiquarian bookseller including websites are available at city libraries are a  good starting point to find out the value of rare or out of print books. One website will even help set up a booksellers website from £24 a year!for further details look at and the following

I haven't been able to find how much the idiom book is.  You hardly going to make a killing on this. (idiom for "make money £ which i have just checked is an idiom used since the 50's).Here a few tips if you decide to go down this road:
  1. Compile what you are willing to get rid of make a list. Use Excel Spreadsheet
  2. categorise them according to theme e.g if books educational, language,travel etc.
  3. Get them valued. A recent book you can just check on ebay,amazon or abebooks to find out how much others are selling it for. If an old book check online or with a secondhand bookseller
  4. Description and condition of books.
  5. Cost for sending by post. You can either weigh and measue thE dimensions and then check with the royal mail (UK) website.for each item. Will you send by first class or second class?
  6. Organisation- How will your books be stored and will you know where they are especially if you have thousands of them. Group according to genre/topic. Nothing would be more frustrating if a buyer had paid but you couldn't find the item or worse it had fallen in to your pets possesion.
  7. And this is me being very "grown-up and responsible" you would have to declare your business as self employment to HM Revenues and Customs aka the "taxman"

I am interested to find out  if anybody sells second hand stuff on the web and HOW they manage to do it efficiently as i can see the above being time consuming.

Friday, 19 February 2010

allergic to your house?

Everytime my dad goes through his hoard in his room he produces a tirade of high pitched sneezes. He then takes his anti-histamine tablets prescribed for hayfever (not recommended see your physician ). The next few hours he will say he has a cold...denial again. No it's an allergic response to the hoard of books and junk. My dad sneezes everytime he shifts his hoard around. Doesn't take a scientist to spot the pattern now does it?
You see even though his stuff is neatly stacked in cardboard boxes, moving them does propel dust  on all surface areas into the air .Now here's the science cilia (tiny hair) lining the nose detect these dust mites and the allergic response is sneezing and mucous production= snot. Not to mention choking your throat. Does anybody else have this problem with resident hoarders who can't see health hazard of collecting too much things even when it hurts them?

Do you think this latest episode will prompt my dad into getting rid of junk-he told my mum that he aims to rid of 10 books a week- i shall give him the benefit of the doubt- in the meantime if anybody wants any books give me a shout i might just have what you are looking for.

ps earlier this week i said the snow had gone-ha it snowed  yesterday. Can't wait for spring and spring cleaning.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

squashed beneath the feet.

yesterday i found broken pieces of white plastic.....upon trawling around the bunk bed ladder i figured it was a crushed 3 pin plug to a study lamp. The study lamp can't reach the table so it really is just dumped on whatever it can when not in use. Someone must have crushed it- see accidents as a result of hoarding... and if i mention this not only will i get a rollicking (unsure spelling) for not using my eyes but why it wasn't it neatly folded away- get realy who neatly wraps wires around a study lamp after each use....hairdryers i can understand as it is easier to wind the wire around.My dad will argue none of his belongings break (and even if they ae soemone else will get blamed) because he "puts them away properly" i argue 95% of his material things are hardly used. For example- dad has not played any sports fo some time still there are at least 3 cricket bats,hockey sticks and squash rackets...oh and books on each sport.

Hey could have been worse the glass bulb could have been smashed.oh wait i found a broken one on teh stais a couple of months ago.
Hope this post is evidence of hoarding creating health hazards.

old technology

Alas February is here, daylight is longer and it seems the snow won't be here anytime soon. And as any person living with a hoarder will know more DAYLIGHT=more SHOPPING hours at shops/discount stores and carboot sales.
I was impressed with my dad not buying anything last month. This month he is a "proud" owner of second hand hi fi system with cd, tape player and speakers. I don't care how almost new it looks or how cheap it was. Like most technology of the 80's it is bulky, ugly and unwanted- CD's are no longer purchased but songs downladed on to phones and MP3/IPOD players but our hoarder hasn't cotton and fails to understand why anyone would wan tot get rid of it. The HIFI now sits on top a bookshelf in our front/lounge room for visitors. I can guarantee you it won't be used, it will accrue dust and be an eyesore.

Monday, 15 February 2010

SPACE Rules part two

Organising your house:SPACE stands for Sort, Purge, Assign, Containerise and equalise.
Yesterday we looked at Sort and Purge. Today...
ASSIGN a home for objects.Storage is about being able to take your things out again with the greatest of ease. If you can't find something, can't reach it, or can't use it because it was improperly stored, what good is it anyway?  Instead of asking, "Where should it go?" try asking yourself, "Where do I use it?" and "Where will I look for it?" e.g Computer games should be next to the console/computer

Keep like items together in containers that won't slide off the shelf. The container should be appropriate-too big then you are tempted to overstuff items that should not eb thee and make it more difficult to retrieve what you want at the right time. Storage containers are an opporrtunity to show your style and according to budget. Possible containers;bags, boxes, bins, bottles, bowls, and baskets. There's a variety of materials to match your decor.


I ACE: Assign a home, containerise and equalise.

Assign a home-look at each object and decide if is needed, used and how often. Have a bag for charity ready. Each item should have a "home" where it should be stored accordign to what it does e.g hairgel shoulD be kept where you do your hair ideally the bathroom near a mirror. Avoid getting distracted fom the task upon finding something old that brings back memories, you've found an old exercise book and you go off and show someone. Kitchen items in kitchen, display items in living room, clothes in bedroom in drawers and wardrobes.

Storage come in all shapes, sizes and materials.Choose a suitable and keep similar things together in it so that you can find it. Think about where it will fit in the room.


I believe this means having a balance. Regularly review what is needed and where it needs to be stored. Could be every month or 3 months either way mark it in your diary.
*the space rule is from a organise your life article i read.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Note to self-sort house:SPACE Rules

How to sort your home?
When you enter a room think SPACE, no not the lack of it but how you are going to get space following the SPACE rule:
Assign a home

You will need to be focused don't get distracted by old memorabilia and go and show it to mummy?

Follow the above in order to get more organised around the hoard.
Sort- With each item ask d i use it/love it or is it costing me money? Start with the large items that are in your face. Categorise them together eg. trousers, gardening tools.
Put items for another room, returning to others, or mechanical parts in their own piles near the door. When you get the urge to run, take a deep breath, stretch, and remember your goals.

GET RID of items broken, battered, and really don't matter to you any more -- clothing beyond repair, uncomfy shoes, dried paint, dead batteries,"Purge" doesn't necessarily mean to throw something away. It means that it should be removed from the rest of your possessions. You can toss it in the bin, recycle it, give it to someone who can use and appreciate it, or sell it.

Think of purging in economic terms. You pay for clutter with your time, energy, and money -- in rent or mortgage -- for all the space you use to house your stuff, even if it's deep in your cupboards or stashed in the attic. If you're paying £15-£20 or, more likely, closer to £30 a square foot for office space, is it worth it to pay for clutter?

Next post will part of the SPACE rule

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Girl living with parents hoard of books- FACT OR FICTION?

Of all the days today i have also come across a book review blog featuring a book entitled Dirty Little Secrets by CS Omolulu, reviewed only today!what a coincidence, i've just been saying how it is being recognised in the media.Damn there's my idea to write a story about living with a book hoarder.Here is the review of the book AND an interview by the author:

And if i can't get it at my library i may have to break my new years resolution and buy a copy!
And if you live with a serial hoarder you may want to hint this book in their direction. (Like place it on any flat surface that is not being used in a really visible place).

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hoarding in the media

Hoarding is slowly gaining recognition as a serious Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
In the winter of 2008 I tried explaining to a relative or like most people see it as joke. Lo and behold there was a programme on bbc radio 1- it spoke to a hoarder who admitted the problem and the underlying roots. That news clip also brought to attention the first UK conference on hoarding.

I came across this link is about a sticom in America about a hoarding family -damn they stole my idea :( but would love to see it here in the UK:

Here, reality programmes galore there is one about hoarding but not the main channels. Its called Gutted and appears on the Home channel. All of the hoarders belongings are put in a removal and the contestant has to win them back. If they can't all the objects are auctioned off and the money or theirs to keep or if they really love their crap sorry possesions they can have them back. You know what i would do. I take it the contestants have to choose participate in the first place. I do wonder if the contestants get any conselling or cognitive therapy to analyse why they hoard their particular obsession from books to memorobilia.... otherwise what stops them from going back to old habits?

Monday, 1 February 2010

my messed up room

What does a normal bedroom contain?bed, wardrobe, dressing table and storage space and a window to let the glorious sunshine in the morning right?
What does the daughter of a hoarder bedroom host?3 largeboxes with a deluxe bbq set, loads of suitcases on an ancient drawer set ("throw away? they don't make strong furniture anymore"), Cardboard boxes and bin bags of clothes- to keep, a futon with a plastic box of my books a computer table with folders (im guilty here),sliding wardrobe which one has to climb to get to and use all body force to "slide" open, stand free radiator and a bunk bed. Curtains fall off because the clutter is in the way sometimes sliding off and taking the curtains with them.Foot injuries and bruising by objects is routine, sound familiar-  you're hoarding or somebody is hoarding their "precious junk" in your room to the point a room is inhabitable- doesn't it just make you angry and feel like you can't think clearly. To get one piece of item i need to lift objects, climb stuff etc like a stunt woman. Constanly feeling disorganised and always thinking i need to clean this and that.Even when i have vacuumed the 4ft by 50cm square of carpet that is clear, whole room still looks like a tip and makes me feel like a tip.
Can i see much of the carpet? hell no(it's a hideous red anyway)
Ok my academic books are on a bookshelf in a corner but its concealed with boxes so i can't even access them leisurely. I can't fit a book shelf beacause is a control freak when it comes to holes in walls.1% of my dads books sit cheap aluminium bookshelf and line the whole stairway corridor-im just thankful that all of us can get through without ever resorting to the firebrigade imagine explaining to the telephone operator: "what's the emergency? im stuck between a pile of and the stair bannister--help!???!

That's my rant for today got the negativity out of my system
next i'll tell you about ripping the roof and ladders confused?yeah that's what im lyk evy day 2 da point i dont mke sense.

Friday, 29 January 2010


Ok you may have noticed this new invention splattered over the news, in case you have'nt- summary its a laptop without a lid, its touch screen with the keypad on the screen AND lightweight AND space saving. I can't wait till it hits the UK and at £300 not bad. So maybe the ereader ain't all that when you've got one of these. The mini ASUS laptops look cute but you end up getting a shoulder cramp by trying to type on a baby keypad.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

does anybody buy books?

Right so last week i told you how i was putting stuff on ebay. well none of my good quality and fairly recent degree books sold :-(. But i did manage to sell a music CD-didn't do for a profit but hey the main point is one persons junk is another  persons treasure. Second point heavy books are not easy to sell on ebay.
lesson learnt.

AND another major thing i noticed- neither me or my dad have purchased any books this year!

A pair of unopened B&Q blinds have unkindly been placed near my bedroom door leaning of the BBQ DELUXE (3 boxes unopened)... i think they were taken out of the loft..well im gonna put them back where they came from or sell them. My dad doesn't like giving things away.

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Looking through an allergy leaflet the other day and dustmites peak between December and January.Think about it we spend more time indoors. The radiators are on creating a nice warm environment for the buggers to fester in.SO they're advice is when dusting use a damp cloth-with a dry cloth all the dust just gets dispersed in the air.

sell on ebay free listing today in the UK

Already fulfilling my new years resolution, i am listing MY BOOKS on ebay.Only today it is free to list that should be straight forward. Now im sure you all know how it works,have a paypal account, upload a aphotoa dn describe.BUT since October certain categories make the seller give fee postage and packaging-so you just add this to your "start bid" price. I would encourage you to do the same.
 Other places you can sell are and gumtree. (be wary about putting your details up on the latter)

Sunday, 10 January 2010


anyone know how to upload pictures on to here?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

OMG-Dad is decluttering-or is he?

The heavy snow has meant schools and some workplaces are closed. I hear creaks of the floorboard above and boxes being moved is he decluttering?i wish. Only throwing away a cardboard box which cannot hold any more books.
sigh :-(

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Here are my new years resolution to declutterin my home:
  1. BE more organised with storing MY belongings- it sets an example
  2. REFUSE TO BUY BOOKS-borrow from library!
  3. continue to persuade to dad to get rid of useless books-who needs a book on idioms from 1956 or "A dummies guide to Windows 95"-nobody wants them! apart from a computer book antique collector? (if one exists)
  4. Continue to state how the book collection is causing extra dust mites- which is bad for my health. :(
  5. what junk does not belong to mine should not be in my room-however small or large.
  6. sell/donate any of my junk and encourage others
  7. write every month ANY ACTION taken and RESULTS achieved
  8. Write on this blog!
Now i think thats an achieveable set of resolutions don't you?

Book burning-this times its not Muslims*…respectable old folks!

Pensioners burn books for warmth, its cheaper to burn books than coal, according to the front cover of the Metro (free and excellent newspaper for commuters), a book will cost 5p whereas coal 5 pounds. Hence, pensioners are buying thick books from charity shops to burn away at night.

This to my dad must be almost blasphemous, but if this does not prove how invaluable old books have become i don’t know what will. I mean electronic version of books have been around for some time and they are gaining popularity, the gadget weary amongst you will know of the e-reader advertised in Amazon and Waterstones as a machine where you can read novels from it without having to lug around a thick novel-great if your using public transport and your bag isn’t big enough. Yet I think someone might just jump me i.e steal it  read last week some girl was mugged on the very same train jouney i take at roughly the same time. What is the world coming to?

Anyway back to the point-physical books are worthless, if you want up-to-date knowledge that’s what Google and Wikipedia are for. I don't think my dad would be kind enough to give books away to a charity shop in the first place. But even more importantly especially with this snow-take care of your grandparents, burning books to keep them warm?get ‘em a blanket, hot water bottle and one of those oil filled radiators. (for my friends living with hoarders-you’ve probably already got these but can’t find them-signs of a hoarder –sigh) as for the books-recycle them.

*and another thing thank God it wasn't the Muslims who were book burning this time-Salman Rushdie affair.Yes I am a proud Muslim and no I don’t agree with that man with the Wooton Basett march.Fed up of the negative publicity.

Why am i writing about this particular newspaper article
Coz my dads hoarding or collecting junk specialises in books.