Friday, 6 August 2010


Obsessive compulsive disorders OCD become more prevalent as one gets anxious as a result of changes in life-and compulsive hoarding is no different. The past few months my dad has been collecting tools even though he does not do DIY.He already had a pile of toolboxes in the kitchen (no room left in the bedroom and they rus in the shed).
What's really been bugging me is Why? Why do certain people become like this, what emotional triggers are there.To find a cure or to be realistic, a way of managing it one has to look at the cause-Looking at childhood experiences.
My theories/explanation based on my own observation is that compulsive hoarding is a consequence of missing something in childhood- a parent or material objects, maybe become homeless or displaced, a way of creating some kind of control on one aspect of one's life,an inability to express feelings in words or physical action, an emotional sentimental attachement to objects, temporary joy, a burglary or betrayal,escaping making real relationships. My dad dreads throwing away something as it just might come in handy.9 out of 10 times it won't or he will not be able to find it.Are there any particular traits common to OCD hoarders?I am certain that there must be some common characteristics in hoarders. How common is it?
Just as autism was little understood a decade ago and known as a spectrum of disorders.

As ever being a curious person I'm hoping further research would go into helping people overcome hoarding.