Thursday, 29 July 2010

Apologies have been extremely busy with work. A lot has happened since my last post. Firstly the hoarder is out of the house and out of the country! well temporary  and not on happy terms-attending a funeral. Meanwhile here we have sent as much junk as possible to the recent metal shed in the garden. That gives some space but still you can tell i'm living iwth a hoarder.
 It's very tempting to get rid of the previously mentiond boxed deluxe green bbq set from my room but i know dad will have a barmy. As a rule living with hoarders you should never gid rid of thier stuff without their permission according to hoarders-it makes them insecure and want to accrue more material objects. I politely asked to get rid of the BBQ and got an argument in return.It's true if i don't like it i should move. I am that generation of kids who have graduated and shamelessly still live with parents and siblings but i do my bit clean (but not cook) pay utilities (until a few months ago) and not to mention ironing!
Anyway the next few weeks i hope to do justice to this blog.