Friday, 29 January 2010


Ok you may have noticed this new invention splattered over the news, in case you have'nt- summary its a laptop without a lid, its touch screen with the keypad on the screen AND lightweight AND space saving. I can't wait till it hits the UK and at £300 not bad. So maybe the ereader ain't all that when you've got one of these. The mini ASUS laptops look cute but you end up getting a shoulder cramp by trying to type on a baby keypad.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

does anybody buy books?

Right so last week i told you how i was putting stuff on ebay. well none of my good quality and fairly recent degree books sold :-(. But i did manage to sell a music CD-didn't do for a profit but hey the main point is one persons junk is another  persons treasure. Second point heavy books are not easy to sell on ebay.
lesson learnt.

AND another major thing i noticed- neither me or my dad have purchased any books this year!

A pair of unopened B&Q blinds have unkindly been placed near my bedroom door leaning of the BBQ DELUXE (3 boxes unopened)... i think they were taken out of the loft..well im gonna put them back where they came from or sell them. My dad doesn't like giving things away.

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Looking through an allergy leaflet the other day and dustmites peak between December and January.Think about it we spend more time indoors. The radiators are on creating a nice warm environment for the buggers to fester in.SO they're advice is when dusting use a damp cloth-with a dry cloth all the dust just gets dispersed in the air.

sell on ebay free listing today in the UK

Already fulfilling my new years resolution, i am listing MY BOOKS on ebay.Only today it is free to list that should be straight forward. Now im sure you all know how it works,have a paypal account, upload a aphotoa dn describe.BUT since October certain categories make the seller give fee postage and packaging-so you just add this to your "start bid" price. I would encourage you to do the same.
 Other places you can sell are and gumtree. (be wary about putting your details up on the latter)

Sunday, 10 January 2010


anyone know how to upload pictures on to here?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

OMG-Dad is decluttering-or is he?

The heavy snow has meant schools and some workplaces are closed. I hear creaks of the floorboard above and boxes being moved is he decluttering?i wish. Only throwing away a cardboard box which cannot hold any more books.
sigh :-(

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Here are my new years resolution to declutterin my home:
  1. BE more organised with storing MY belongings- it sets an example
  2. REFUSE TO BUY BOOKS-borrow from library!
  3. continue to persuade to dad to get rid of useless books-who needs a book on idioms from 1956 or "A dummies guide to Windows 95"-nobody wants them! apart from a computer book antique collector? (if one exists)
  4. Continue to state how the book collection is causing extra dust mites- which is bad for my health. :(
  5. what junk does not belong to mine should not be in my room-however small or large.
  6. sell/donate any of my junk and encourage others
  7. write every month ANY ACTION taken and RESULTS achieved
  8. Write on this blog!
Now i think thats an achieveable set of resolutions don't you?

Book burning-this times its not Muslims*…respectable old folks!

Pensioners burn books for warmth, its cheaper to burn books than coal, according to the front cover of the Metro (free and excellent newspaper for commuters), a book will cost 5p whereas coal 5 pounds. Hence, pensioners are buying thick books from charity shops to burn away at night.

This to my dad must be almost blasphemous, but if this does not prove how invaluable old books have become i don’t know what will. I mean electronic version of books have been around for some time and they are gaining popularity, the gadget weary amongst you will know of the e-reader advertised in Amazon and Waterstones as a machine where you can read novels from it without having to lug around a thick novel-great if your using public transport and your bag isn’t big enough. Yet I think someone might just jump me i.e steal it  read last week some girl was mugged on the very same train jouney i take at roughly the same time. What is the world coming to?

Anyway back to the point-physical books are worthless, if you want up-to-date knowledge that’s what Google and Wikipedia are for. I don't think my dad would be kind enough to give books away to a charity shop in the first place. But even more importantly especially with this snow-take care of your grandparents, burning books to keep them warm?get ‘em a blanket, hot water bottle and one of those oil filled radiators. (for my friends living with hoarders-you’ve probably already got these but can’t find them-signs of a hoarder –sigh) as for the books-recycle them.

*and another thing thank God it wasn't the Muslims who were book burning this time-Salman Rushdie affair.Yes I am a proud Muslim and no I don’t agree with that man with the Wooton Basett march.Fed up of the negative publicity.

Why am i writing about this particular newspaper article
Coz my dads hoarding or collecting junk specialises in books.