Sunday, 6 March 2011

Jenga brain

Is it my imagination or when you are in a cluttered environment even your ability to think straight and do tasks properly is equally chaotic. Having a quick glance through my blog shows my incoherence in places with typo errors and sentences that are random rants that do not flow (in the writing sense). I have found draft version of posts for this blog which i completely forgot.  I only remember things if they are staring me in the face- my organisation system consists of reminders and to do lists on my phone or a post it note on my wall and even sending myself emails of tasks i must do. I have about three notebooks full of tasks to do and even my table at work is some kind of ordered tip.So last week i just put folders and boxes for every little thing- at work at least thing is i just feel overwhelmed at home.

House is still crowded and is a like the game of Jenga with instead of blocks, books falling from hallways and  "neat piles" in the living room.Last night insomnia kicked in and so i decided to look at one of my to do list-out of 15 i had achieved two and then my brain went on a roll of other to do lists and creative ideas- it was like my thoughts were on a reverse jenga.Talk about mimicing my surroundings!
HOARD REPORT:Since i last blogged there are now 3 bulky camping bags making a home in the living room,Deluxe BBQ set stull resides in my room as a temporary table. :(

Uh oh i've just remembred i can spot my typo errors courtesy of my new glasses....yeah anyway cluttered surroundings=clutter brain.