Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy New Year!

It's been just over a year since i started this blog as a rant....but did i get anything out of it?  Know is the time to look back and reflect.
Well  i didn't write regularly but i have perfectly valid excuse-lack of internet connection.
I've had quite a bad flu and then my laptop lasts about 10 minutes where it gets hotter than my oil filled radiator and switches off. Even though kind brother has a laptop my dad the resident hoarder started hogging the laptop over the holiday period.

The hoarding has got worse. My dad even got me to buy a book about gliding of Amazon- he has been going through an obsession about gliding as his childhood dream was to be a pilot! My dad went through a camping phase and bough lots of sleeping bags simply becasue they were going cheap. One permanently lives at the top of the stairs-*HEALTH HAZARD*!!
I didn't share any pics did I? Honestly its my family home and i guess putting up pics of the hoarding crimes will be infringing others privacy.
The BBQ boxed set is still being used as dressing table.
Before making this years new resolutions why don't we look at last years below:

1.BE more organised with storing MY belongings- it sets an example-ACHIEVED- BOXES AND BAGS!


3.continue to persuade to dad to get rid of useless books-who needs a book on idioms from 1956 or "A dummies guide to Windows 95"-nobody wants them! apart from a computer book antique collector? (if one exists) FAILED-"get out my house" was the usual response

4.Continue to state how the book collection is causing extra dust mites- which is bad for my health. :(
FAILED, what happened when little brother had a nose operation and needed a clean space- dad left the books in his room and even went and bought some more.

5.what junk does not belong to mine should not be in my room-however small or large. ACHIEVED!!

6.sell/donate any of my junk and encourage others ACHIEVED

7.write every month ANY ACTION taken and RESULTS achieved . NOPE


Now i think thats an achieveable set of resolutions don't you? I GOT 3 OUT OF 7 MY MATHS AIN'T GREAT BUT THAT'S NEARLY A HALF. The glass is half empty or half full depending on my mood.


  1. 3 out of 7 ain't bad.

    As for your own books, I understand. I got an e-book and I go to the library for popular fiction. I only buy what I consider reference or instructional books in hard copy now, or good copies of classics, or books written by friends so I can have a "real" copy.

  2. Only had one friend over in 18 years of my childhood. When my father saw her, he told her to call her father and leave. Now I'm 66 and live alone. I'm not a hoarder like my parents. When they died, I could care less. But my childhood was full of shame.

  3. well, I grew up in a home of a hoarder, I have felt the social embarrassment that is accompanied with living in incessant clutter. Growing up I felt ashamed at the state of chaos that my home was always in, my mother would apologize each and every time guests would enter. I found it strange that she felt embarrassed by it yet did nothing to rectify the situation. As the years have passed, the hoarding seemed to have gotten worse and my sister has picked up the habit or inherited it. After moving away for many years, my home is neat and I enjoy having friends over. However, whenever I am in my parents home, I have serious reactions to the clutter and try to calmly speak to my mother about such predicaments. All mentions of such things lead to screaming matches within my family, so I just drop it, seeing as how it only leads to fighting.
    Being in my parents house makes me feel incredibly anxious, I would like nothing more than to clean and pick up everything however the task is overwhelmingly daunting and it is not my mess or responsibility. Growing up, I felt ocd, perhaps as some sort of energetic balance to my mother's strange and seemingly uncontrolable habits and behaviors. For her, I believe, it has something to do with her childhood. She grew up in a large family which seems to have this mentality of never having enough. I believe her condition is a result of her childhood situation.

  4. Hi,
    Thankyou for sharing your experiences with me. I can relate with the latter two. I can barely remember when my friends came around in my childhood.I don't live with my parents and the hoarding has got worse. My sister dispalys hoarding habits too.
    Anonymous do you find the screaming matches tend to be irrational comments and bringing up your faults etc. I wonder if hoarding is linked ot other behavioiura and/or mental disorders.....
    Cleaning in my parents house is vacuuming the few inches of carpet and possibly wiping things. It is very difficult as every flat surface is covered with objects