Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring Clean is somewhat of a mission impossible when living with a hoarder.
The pleasure of sitting in the garden is like sitting in a dumpyard. And as the days get longer (daylight) and the sun shines brighter the accrued dust seems much more visible- providing the windows are not blocked by stuff. Actually i can't remember the last time my dads bedroom window was cleaned.

Due to my dad's hoarding antics I have gone to the other extreme. My house is minimalist, i mean its so minimalist i refuse to put a  lampshade as it will attract dust-did i tell you i have a dust allergy?

Do children of hoarders become extreme cleaners or minimalists. I am not OCD cleanliness but when I am stressed or have to do something difficult I result to cleaning. When I was 18 I ended up using a bleach bottle to clean a 3 seater and one seater cream coloured leather sofa. My anosmia at the time (inability to smell) meant I did not realise how strong it was. I tend to process objects and get rid of them quickly by disposing or donating to charity, I have never had a regret on any item I have got rid of, I feel lighter and don't spend time looking for stuff or thinking "I will use this floppy disk one day so I will hold onto it". I have also realised I don't feel the need to buy so many things as I used to. I don't own a smart phone but a simple sony ericcson- I don't feel the need to get the latest and best clothing or gadgets because I think it takes my time and energy to actually use the object.. I ask myself is it an absolute essential or do I think I need it. Usually I can live without it. Though I may relent to getting a smartphone as my circle of friends are on whatsapp.


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