Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Book burning-this times its not Muslims*…respectable old folks!

Pensioners burn books for warmth, its cheaper to burn books than coal, according to the front cover of the Metro (free and excellent newspaper for commuters), a book will cost 5p whereas coal 5 pounds. Hence, pensioners are buying thick books from charity shops to burn away at night.

This to my dad must be almost blasphemous, but if this does not prove how invaluable old books have become i don’t know what will. I mean electronic version of books have been around for some time and they are gaining popularity, the gadget weary amongst you will know of the e-reader advertised in Amazon and Waterstones as a machine where you can read novels from it without having to lug around a thick novel-great if your using public transport and your bag isn’t big enough. Yet I think someone might just jump me i.e steal it  read last week some girl was mugged on the very same train jouney i take at roughly the same time. What is the world coming to?

Anyway back to the point-physical books are worthless, if you want up-to-date knowledge that’s what Google and Wikipedia are for. I don't think my dad would be kind enough to give books away to a charity shop in the first place. But even more importantly especially with this snow-take care of your grandparents, burning books to keep them warm?get ‘em a blanket, hot water bottle and one of those oil filled radiators. (for my friends living with hoarders-you’ve probably already got these but can’t find them-signs of a hoarder –sigh) as for the books-recycle them.

*and another thing thank God it wasn't the Muslims who were book burning this time-Salman Rushdie affair.Yes I am a proud Muslim and no I don’t agree with that man with the Wooton Basett march.Fed up of the negative publicity.

Why am i writing about this particular newspaper article
Coz my dads hoarding or collecting junk specialises in books.

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