Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Here are my new years resolution to declutterin my home:
  1. BE more organised with storing MY belongings- it sets an example
  2. REFUSE TO BUY BOOKS-borrow from library!
  3. continue to persuade to dad to get rid of useless books-who needs a book on idioms from 1956 or "A dummies guide to Windows 95"-nobody wants them! apart from a computer book antique collector? (if one exists)
  4. Continue to state how the book collection is causing extra dust mites- which is bad for my health. :(
  5. what junk does not belong to mine should not be in my room-however small or large.
  6. sell/donate any of my junk and encourage others
  7. write every month ANY ACTION taken and RESULTS achieved
  8. Write on this blog!
Now i think thats an achieveable set of resolutions don't you?


  1. 2. Having read a book i can add it to my virtual bookshelf on shelfari without having to physically own it.

  2. 5.where else can i put it in the house without causing a health hazard? so maybe this one won't be achieved.
    6.put some books on ebay- not a single one sold-books are dead need i say more.