Sunday, 18 December 2011


So with the intention of inviting my dad to watch the below mentioned  programme i failed to consider that my dad had a very long working day and he had already dozed off by the time it was on air.
I found it bizarre the woman who sniffs books all day and  records this-surely this must be a health hazard. I recall back in my sutdents day at the time of swine flu was declared an epidemic; librarians handling books with latex gloves.Sniffing books all day is surely going to make you more prone to catching microbes.
Anyway the programme was rather long  but informative. E-books appeal to me they are convenient and lightweigh, though i am worried about the damage it may cause to my already short sightedness.The programme presented by Alan Yentob also extends on to artificical intelligence.
He spoke to an author who ate his novel!I found the second  half very interesting form a historic point of view and as for the expresso book-can't wait to see one here.
Books:The last chapter is available online until 28th December. Not sure if non-UK residents can access it:

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