Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My dad has decided to fill my garage with his books and the living room with his books.
I need your help especially if you are in the UK.
If you have read my blog you will know my dad's main hoard are books, textbooks and fiction. I honestly believe some of these books don't have much value but would belong in a museum or for a TV programme set in any of the last 50 years. It would be a good use of the books and mean my family can actually sit in one room to eat and relax instead of hiding in our own spaces and break down in communication. My dad cannot work as much now so if this was a source of income he may feel better too.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


  1. I have worked with hoarders of books and magazines, newspapers etc. What ends up happening is eventually everything gets thrown away. There may be a few books to keep of sentimental value or real value, but in the end, you get so disgusted and it goes to the trash. I would try selling some of the books to a book store, package them up as bundles in the same year, author etc, and try to get rid of that way. Also stop him from bringing in more new books. good luck

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the advice. There are no local second had book stores, just charity shops here in the UK. They are too old to be in university second hand book shops. I once looked in the yellow pages to find book collectors but no success.

  3. Have you tried a garage sale / yard sale / whatever you call that sort of thing over your way? I find it a great way to clean out stuff like that. It's less work than listing online and feels good to bring in some cash rather than create more trash :)
    Or if it comes down to it.... light the fire with them!

  4. Car boot sales are where my dad gets most of his belongings. 10 years ago he tried but then ended up buying twice as much!

  5. Thanks for all your suggestions.
    Car boot sales are evil my dad the same thing!