Saturday, 13 July 2013

1p books!
A few weeks ago my dad had a startled revelation. Everyone has heard of people making money from selling on Amazon and Ebay, well my dad thought this would be a good idea, so I typed in details of his books on to Amazon and to his disgust there were many copies of these science books starting at 1p! In fact every single book had a starting value of 1p and there were many copies. Talk about not being worth the paper they are printed on.So it would actually cost more for packaging and seller fees. A lot of books have ended up in my garage : ( such a reluctant dutiful daughter.
We are considering just sending these books to a paper recycling firm which would hopefully pay us.I hear they usually pay by the tonne....I am sure we would have a tonne.

Even if we did get rid of these books the problems lies in my dad continuing to go for his ritual of visiting Sunday carboot sales to find "bargains".
It is a deep psychological addiction for finding bargains and become over attached to them to the point of being selfish and reducing the quality of ones own life and relationship that creates difficulties in hinders us of being a happy family. And that is priceless.


  1. Hi, I'm new to this blog, yet I do currently reside with a hoarder, my father. He too looks for "bargains" everywhere he goes, although his specialty are larger items such as broken furniture and outdated software. As a result, our homes get cluttered real fast. Even though we have rented and even owned several storage facilities, he has filled them all and even pays regular penalties for Code Enforcement. While even this is still tolerable, the worst part is that in order to acquire his additions to his collection, he'll forge signatures and use my mother's, and occasionally my own, name to fund his more expensive purchases. He's even grown violent when we attempt to make room for ourselves by throwing out some of his memorabilia. Yet he monitors our purchases closely, and has also tried to stop us from buying necessary items. But afterwards, he will ask if he can use our stuff. I've tried to be understanding and compromise, but I'm at my wit's end. I know I can't continue live like this, but for right now I don't have a choice. However, reading blogs like yours, as well as others, has made me feel better, in that I know I'm not entirely alone. Still, sometimes I wish that I was not in this situation at all, rather than having to look around for my own support system.

  2. Hi Anonymous, Firstly thankyou for sharing your experience with us and to let you know you are not alone. I found myself nodding in agreement at least three times reading through this. My dad buys countless printers with parts missing and would still use mine. He is too attached to consider renting a storage facilities and is deeply suspicious of people event to the point where if he can't find something he will accuse anybody of moving/disposing his stuff. Have you tried talking to your GP about your dad? He could be referred for CBT counselling. There is usually deep rooted reason behind hoarding and the associated personality traits. Do add yourself as anonymous to this page. A number of organisations have been in contact with this blog to offer their services. Hope the hoarding gradually halts.

  3. Hi Please see below the message was posted in a previous post.
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    The reason I am getting in touch is to offer you and your family the opportunity to have large items transported to and/or from your homes. This may include the delivery of machinery or skips to help you clear your homes.

    The TV show itself would aim to raise awareness of your story as well as help all the people involved.

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  4. Hi. I have been reading through blogs of Hoarder's children. I enjoyed this one - I am a daughter of a hoarder as well. All the very best :)