Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 resolution

I can't believe i started this blog just over 2 years ago so i think its time to review and reflect. I will be looking back at last years resolution:
out of it? Know is the time to look back and reflect, take stock, make plans and ACTION!

One major thing happened-i moved out from hoarders home. Secondly could not write on here as i do not have internet connection.Thirdly i got quite ill- don't want to share on here.

 That BBQ DELUX 3 HUGE box sets- got rid of them- well actually we used them for a family BBQ and it now sits in my new garage

1.BE more organised with storing MY belongings- it sets an example-This year i have got better at this.I have my own filing system, organise most of my families letters and even clothing BUT this has lead to me putting things in the wrong place, and when i got ill everything went to pots so 2012 RESOLUTION number1- Encourage sibling independence in their own organisation.

2.REFUSE TO BUY BOOKS-borrow from library! I barely had time to read this year so this is an easy one to stick to but i what will do is review every 3 months what books/leaflets i don't need. I will buy second hand books.

3.continue to persuade to dad to get rid of useless books-who needs a book on idioms from 1956 or "A dummies guide to Windows 95"-nobody wants them! apart from a computer book antique collector? (if one exists)  Getting there- need to think of more tactful ways of helping dad

4.Continue to state how the book collection is causing extra dust mites- This year dad statrted shifting his books to the living room and so this is really impacting on everyone. FIND frightening articles to share with my dad

5.what junk does not belong to mine should not be in my room-however small or large. ACHIEVED!!SO i will change this to if make sure i don't become a hoarder- if i have not used something in the last 12 months get RID of it.

6.sell/donate any of my junk and encourage others ACHIEVED. CONTINUE with this

7.write every month ANY ACTION taken and RESULTS achieved . NOPE i think every 3 months is more reasonable but more regularly on blog

8. ALL goals to be SMART specific,neasurable,....

I can't think of any other hoarding related resolutions. Do you have any specifics

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