Friday, 6 January 2012

10 Hoarding signs

If you walked into a hoarders house you'd recognise it straight away:

1. Newspapers-piles of them
2. Leaflets/flyers
3. Books
4. Multiple of the same possessions always at least two TV'S
5.VHS/VCR tapes- some will even have mould on them. Some electronic devices won't even work
6. Pieces of technology nobody wants: type writers, floppy disks
7. Cardboxes -even empty ones because you can never have enough.
8. Receipts- they're everywhere and never disposed of, not in any order, if your lucky in carrier bags.
9. Paper bills in carrier bags
10. Furniture-lots of furniture which does not match in any way. Every surface is covered.  There are many sorts of chairs but these probably have something on them so there is nowhere to sit

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