Tuesday, 3 January 2012

hoarding:a media fascination?

I came across an excellent article on the BBC news page : The Rise of Hoarding by Sophie Robehmed in response to the channel four programme.It appears with our materialistic society hoarding is to be rising and confirms what i had already concluded is a culmination of genetic and environmental factors. Whether TV programmes about hoarding is a good idea:

"watching compulsive hoarders may make spectators feel fortunate that a parent, a partner or even themselves do not suffer such acute symptoms."
So i guess if i show my dad some of the programmes he'll think "oh im not that bad as he can walk through room as opposed to slide under the door frame (like the chappy on channel four so i don't need to worry." As long as the programme does not depict the hoarder as a circus clown and treats it with the same sensitivity as a disease or symptom that i think it has achieved its goal of informing the public and somewhat reassurace to people who are suffering from it.

The article goes on:

"Clinical psychologist Dr Simon Rego at the Montefiore Medical Center, New York, who specialises in anxiety disorders including hoarding, believes such programmes are both a blessing and a curse. "
The positives are that they shed light on a condition that affects a lot more people than you think, which can lead to an understanding, and eventually, better treatments for the sufferers," he says.
"On the negative side, what we see is certainly some of the most extreme examples with hours of footage edited down to draw the audience in like any other entertainment show. So ultimately, viewers don't get the full picture of what can go on with this condition."

I don't want to copy and paste the whole article which is concisely written but recommend you read it and the comments at the bottom of the page which make an interesting read,if you're anything like you'll be nodding in agreement.


  1. For my experience, I feel like warching the programs might have had an effect like a sudden realization that if I am not careful with my cleaning, it effects my husband ( as we are both students and he's farther into his research than I am therefore he can't spend as much time cleaning after the both of us). I started tidying up, putting laundry away, washing them, folding them when they are clean which is too important, and the dishes... watching the program really made me aware that I should have control over the dishes and I have to keep it under control. So far I've had an experience where I feel like I nipped the problem in the bud.

    My father had always "bothered" me about me not cleaning my room, and since we had a housekeeper, I didn't learn to pick up after myself. It wasn't good in the dormitory, my roommate would sheepishly ask me if we should clean up every few months. Getting married is what really made me understand the problem that I might have. My responsibility in cleaning is just little bit more, in that if I don't start, my husband doesn't either. If I do, he may do even more than me, but if I sit around, he does too until he absolutely feels like he has to clean up somethings.

    But watching the program, made me start cleaning up, and in three days my apartment got clean, tidy and spacious. My efforts energized my husband, he put away his prints, books, electronics; I put away the dishes, the clothes and I dust.

    We thought we had a storage problem. But no, when things are put away, and organized, we have a lot of space, and maybe in need of a document cabinet. but it was too suprising to find out that we do not need a wardrobe or a dresser or more stuff. Just organization.

    This has really been because of a few episodes, and I feel like there is some really good progress.

    All of this, without reading the linked article in full, though, I just wanted to put in my 2 cents.

  2. Thankyou for sharing your experience with us, i found in inspirational.
    I agree with the storage problem issue- I once read we only use 20% of belongings 80% of the time- its referred to as the 80-20 rule.
    I'm sure you'll also find The hoarder next door episodes on Channel four also having a lasting impact.I hope your home remains clutter free and wish you the best of luck.