Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hoarder wins court battle.

Did you see "The One Show" last night?Richard Wallace is a hoarder who has filled his garden with "mostly building materials".  His neighbours have lost a court battle to get the eyesore removed. I'm not sure if the bbc will let me put a link to the video but it can be seen on iplayer at their website, date 02/03/10 and starts 4 minutes in.Amy Williams the Gold medallist was on just before that.
I thought it was brave of Richard to even appear on TV in the first place, admitting his hoarding developed 34 years ago:
"i must confess a lot of it is to do with household waste" he adds his grandad was a hoarder so it has probably rubbed off onto him. Would be nice for the BBC to explore the issue further.
Aggi Mckenzie, from the TV show "How clean is your house?" (love it) gave her opinion too. The short clip is about 3 minutes long

My dad's hoard is not that bad compare to one shown but at one point we did have 2 useelss cars and a motorbike in our garden and lots of junk. It would be nice if there was a programme focusing on why people hoard. Is it inherited? are certain characteristics or illnesses linked to hoarding? is it triggered by a life changing event such as the death of a family member or fear of losing or forgetting?

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