Friday, 19 March 2010


I love spring, daylight is longer and as the sun enters the house you can see the specks of house dust-this usuallys  end my dad into a panick and blames the "dust" on my mum not cleaning HIS books-logic? no
 I was wondering if those of you who live with hoarder are blamed for the hoarders cause of collection and maintenance.

Usually i'm out with the damp cloth wiping away surfaces AND carefully each book, allowing it to dry before placing back in the "correct order"  i.e "the horders order" but as you guess this year i won't- firmly sticking to my new years resolutionn

I tried looking for  a secondhand bookseller in Birmingham city centre but couldn't the one i was looking for closed down this is perhap a sign that selling books is no longer a viable business....

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