Sunday, 21 March 2010

The making of a hoarders daughter

They do say hoarding runs in families but whether it is due to inheritance through our genes or learned behaviour has yet to bescientifically investigated
I have a confession :(- i have broke my new years resolution the one about no buying books, well i did borrow library books and read them... but they didn't have the latest books i was in pursuit of and so I ended up buying some at Waterstones, well the 3 for 2 offer is tempting and not to mention their loyalty card which the sales assistant boasted had been voted the 4th best retail card.
I know i could have ordered in the books from another library  if i couldn't get them or even looked on Amazon for a cheaper deal but hey everybody else is treating themselves to food, clothes, cigarettes and cosmetics. Besides one of the books Beauty is the Costa award winner.

Anyways i have been severely reducing my chocolate intake this year so these small purchases make up for it especially since i read the chocolate connoiseur. Apparently what we regard of chocolate is mostly sugar and this is what people crave  for when they say they are a chocoholic- so i might as well admit i am addicted to sweet stuff.
Did you know that Cadbury Dairy Milk is not considered by the EU to be a chocolate but more of a vegelat?! Well i do say chocolate is made from a cocoa bean which grows on a tree and thus a vegetable (a very processed one).

Ok in one post i am justifying my reasons for buying books and as compensation for giving chocolate. I'm battling with the hoarder within me.

Back to the main topic none of my brothers are hoarders, yet my little sister is. She went through a bizarre phase of collecting empty plastic bottles which she claims was for an art project, but she changed her mind so then i ended up finign TWENTY empty plastic bottles hidden behind bed and boxes.She also hold on to other bits and bobs, and i shudder to think what posessions she will hoard at my age.Which got me thinking if one acknowledges hoarding is a problem would it be best to see a GP and get referred to a psychotherapist for cognitive therapy or to get private psychotherapy

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