Sunday, 21 March 2010


21st March is officially spring in the northern hemisphere and so daylight is longer. A time for people to "spring clean" It is my favourite time of the year but i also dread every Sunday for it is my dads hoardophilic day of clutter :"car boot sale" day. He fervently attends and I guarantee he will not return empty handed.

Last week he brought a black metal computer table to place in the living room which already has a computer table packed with stacks of (crap) books, what incensed me was when my youngest brother asked what use is it (since we disposed of the last PC while he was out of the country), he quipped "to do your homework on", errm one slight snag its one of those with lots of holes for ventilation..holes that represent the hole in his logic and consideration.
 And to top it off, dad had trouble finding something in his room so he got rid of an ugly green chair and placed it in the living room. Last winter we packed away the dining table to make some room so we could walk from one end of the room to the other without doing a detour and walking at a sideways stance.

Has anybody else experienced this kind of situation where you make some improvements to make space and the hoarder just undoes your efforts?

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