Friday, 19 February 2010

allergic to your house?

Everytime my dad goes through his hoard in his room he produces a tirade of high pitched sneezes. He then takes his anti-histamine tablets prescribed for hayfever (not recommended see your physician ). The next few hours he will say he has a cold...denial again. No it's an allergic response to the hoard of books and junk. My dad sneezes everytime he shifts his hoard around. Doesn't take a scientist to spot the pattern now does it?
You see even though his stuff is neatly stacked in cardboard boxes, moving them does propel dust  on all surface areas into the air .Now here's the science cilia (tiny hair) lining the nose detect these dust mites and the allergic response is sneezing and mucous production= snot. Not to mention choking your throat. Does anybody else have this problem with resident hoarders who can't see health hazard of collecting too much things even when it hurts them?

Do you think this latest episode will prompt my dad into getting rid of junk-he told my mum that he aims to rid of 10 books a week- i shall give him the benefit of the doubt- in the meantime if anybody wants any books give me a shout i might just have what you are looking for.

ps earlier this week i said the snow had gone-ha it snowed  yesterday. Can't wait for spring and spring cleaning.

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