Wednesday, 17 February 2010

old technology

Alas February is here, daylight is longer and it seems the snow won't be here anytime soon. And as any person living with a hoarder will know more DAYLIGHT=more SHOPPING hours at shops/discount stores and carboot sales.
I was impressed with my dad not buying anything last month. This month he is a "proud" owner of second hand hi fi system with cd, tape player and speakers. I don't care how almost new it looks or how cheap it was. Like most technology of the 80's it is bulky, ugly and unwanted- CD's are no longer purchased but songs downladed on to phones and MP3/IPOD players but our hoarder hasn't cotton and fails to understand why anyone would wan tot get rid of it. The HIFI now sits on top a bookshelf in our front/lounge room for visitors. I can guarantee you it won't be used, it will accrue dust and be an eyesore.

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