Monday, 15 February 2010


I ACE: Assign a home, containerise and equalise.

Assign a home-look at each object and decide if is needed, used and how often. Have a bag for charity ready. Each item should have a "home" where it should be stored accordign to what it does e.g hairgel shoulD be kept where you do your hair ideally the bathroom near a mirror. Avoid getting distracted fom the task upon finding something old that brings back memories, you've found an old exercise book and you go off and show someone. Kitchen items in kitchen, display items in living room, clothes in bedroom in drawers and wardrobes.

Storage come in all shapes, sizes and materials.Choose a suitable and keep similar things together in it so that you can find it. Think about where it will fit in the room.


I believe this means having a balance. Regularly review what is needed and where it needs to be stored. Could be every month or 3 months either way mark it in your diary.
*the space rule is from a organise your life article i read.

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