Wednesday, 17 February 2010

squashed beneath the feet.

yesterday i found broken pieces of white plastic.....upon trawling around the bunk bed ladder i figured it was a crushed 3 pin plug to a study lamp. The study lamp can't reach the table so it really is just dumped on whatever it can when not in use. Someone must have crushed it- see accidents as a result of hoarding... and if i mention this not only will i get a rollicking (unsure spelling) for not using my eyes but why it wasn't it neatly folded away- get realy who neatly wraps wires around a study lamp after each use....hairdryers i can understand as it is easier to wind the wire around.My dad will argue none of his belongings break (and even if they ae soemone else will get blamed) because he "puts them away properly" i argue 95% of his material things are hardly used. For example- dad has not played any sports fo some time still there are at least 3 cricket bats,hockey sticks and squash rackets...oh and books on each sport.

Hey could have been worse the glass bulb could have been smashed.oh wait i found a broken one on teh stais a couple of months ago.
Hope this post is evidence of hoarding creating health hazards.

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  1. Bless my mum, she had a spare white 3 pin plug and fitted it on to the lamp. And no, she did not find out how to do this by reading a book! Some things are just common sense