Friday, 5 February 2010

Note to self-sort house:SPACE Rules

How to sort your home?
When you enter a room think SPACE, no not the lack of it but how you are going to get space following the SPACE rule:
Assign a home

You will need to be focused don't get distracted by old memorabilia and go and show it to mummy?

Follow the above in order to get more organised around the hoard.
Sort- With each item ask d i use it/love it or is it costing me money? Start with the large items that are in your face. Categorise them together eg. trousers, gardening tools.
Put items for another room, returning to others, or mechanical parts in their own piles near the door. When you get the urge to run, take a deep breath, stretch, and remember your goals.

GET RID of items broken, battered, and really don't matter to you any more -- clothing beyond repair, uncomfy shoes, dried paint, dead batteries,"Purge" doesn't necessarily mean to throw something away. It means that it should be removed from the rest of your possessions. You can toss it in the bin, recycle it, give it to someone who can use and appreciate it, or sell it.

Think of purging in economic terms. You pay for clutter with your time, energy, and money -- in rent or mortgage -- for all the space you use to house your stuff, even if it's deep in your cupboards or stashed in the attic. If you're paying £15-£20 or, more likely, closer to £30 a square foot for office space, is it worth it to pay for clutter?

Next post will part of the SPACE rule

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