Monday, 1 February 2010

my messed up room

What does a normal bedroom contain?bed, wardrobe, dressing table and storage space and a window to let the glorious sunshine in the morning right?
What does the daughter of a hoarder bedroom host?3 largeboxes with a deluxe bbq set, loads of suitcases on an ancient drawer set ("throw away? they don't make strong furniture anymore"), Cardboard boxes and bin bags of clothes- to keep, a futon with a plastic box of my books a computer table with folders (im guilty here),sliding wardrobe which one has to climb to get to and use all body force to "slide" open, stand free radiator and a bunk bed. Curtains fall off because the clutter is in the way sometimes sliding off and taking the curtains with them.Foot injuries and bruising by objects is routine, sound familiar-  you're hoarding or somebody is hoarding their "precious junk" in your room to the point a room is inhabitable- doesn't it just make you angry and feel like you can't think clearly. To get one piece of item i need to lift objects, climb stuff etc like a stunt woman. Constanly feeling disorganised and always thinking i need to clean this and that.Even when i have vacuumed the 4ft by 50cm square of carpet that is clear, whole room still looks like a tip and makes me feel like a tip.
Can i see much of the carpet? hell no(it's a hideous red anyway)
Ok my academic books are on a bookshelf in a corner but its concealed with boxes so i can't even access them leisurely. I can't fit a book shelf beacause is a control freak when it comes to holes in walls.1% of my dads books sit cheap aluminium bookshelf and line the whole stairway corridor-im just thankful that all of us can get through without ever resorting to the firebrigade imagine explaining to the telephone operator: "what's the emergency? im stuck between a pile of and the stair bannister--help!???!

That's my rant for today got the negativity out of my system
next i'll tell you about ripping the roof and ladders confused?yeah that's what im lyk evy day 2 da point i dont mke sense.

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