Monday, 3 August 2015


Nephew is at an age where he is learning to repeat words and one of those is greedy especially when it comes to consuming chocolate.
Which led me to the next point are hoarders greedy?
Are they so self absorbed in their material possessions that they would choose them over their loved it because they can't help it the same way an alcoholic can't help having one more drink? Would they keep their possessions even if they posed a health hazard? What if their family was physically hurt?

Judging from TV programmes most hoarders have had a trauma of some sort which is a trigger. There are many reasons for why they hoard but they are not evil or selfish even though on the surface to  close relatives it may seem that way. One suggestion for their reasoning is because it give them false reassurance and contentment (temporarily) although at the expense of having a good quality of life.
If somebody has a physical disability or is diagnosed with autism we are likely to be more sympathetic or patient at "getting better" as these issues get much more attention in the media
Hoarding is a manifestation of mental health issue; it is misunderstood and people are unsympathetic.
For relatives it is stressful living with it and a social embarrassment. It is the cause of arguments, resentment and affects quality family time because you can't even be in the same room to sit down and discuss how it makes you feelin the first place.

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