Friday, 21 August 2015

My dad's books killing us all softly

Hoarding can be fatal when you cannot get to your first aid box. A few years ago my brother cut his finger when attempting to cut an over cooked (poorly cut) pizza (it was ordered not my cooking). The hoard got in the way when the first aid box could not be located. I headed for the medicine cabinet but there were no plasters let along a bandage, that or I could not see them. Chaos followed, what with me the guardian of three teenagers in a house and unable to see very well in the first place and me cursing the stupidity of my brother and the junk in the way (i am a lot calmer person now). 5 minutes later we found a first aid box; it,had fallen in between the abyss of books now mushrooming their way onto the living room.The wound was bandaged up but it was still a trip to the hospital. OK so the hoarding didn't kill anyone but it stressed us out by not being able to access what was needed in an emergency. That's got me thinking;where is the fire extinguisher....

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