Sunday, 2 August 2015

The hoarders favourite mantra's

Common phrases heard from hoarders:
1. Don't throw it away!!
2. It's a bargain! People are so stupid
3. It might come in handy... you just don't know!
4. It's worth a lot of money (Answer: no it isn't there are pound shops...99p shops in 2015)
5. It's quality!
6. I need it (Answer: When was the last time you used it)

And common replies of a hoarder when challenged:
1. Shut up! *$£!^%$!!
2. Get out!
3. I paid for it!
4. It's not a mess it's in order (a pile)
5. I'm looking after it
6. Mind your own business...I'm your dad!

And these are usually shouted out followed by expletives. Sound familiar?


1 comment:

  1. Wow... I so freakin' understand that... I've been trying to set out the most minimal-damaging way to sort this out with my mom but whatever I come up with, she always starts to cry and makes me feel like I'm an awful son... and my sister helps out by bringing even more sh** in her house... (stuff she obviously doesn't need)...