Sunday, 2 August 2015

It's been a long time since I blogged on here as I have been busy and to be honest it has got to the point where I avoid going to the "Hoarder home" though it still impacts on my living which is to be discussed in future posts. Summer for many is a time to visit family and friends and relaxing. How many hoarders this summer will be able to actually find somewhere to sit in their house? (thankfully my dad does have that space available). How many hoarders will be able to actually sit in their clutter free garden? Will there be out of date food lying about in the fridge?

I hope to write more regularly this summer: part of it will be sharing experiences and hopefully provide a springboard of helpful tips for the online community of people living with hoarders.

Enjoy the summer Sun because  that's something you can't hoard and keep into winter (unless you are a solar panel though you could be soaking in vitamin D3- sorry the attempted writer and geek in me there).

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