Saturday, 8 August 2015

i think i am a subconscious hoarder

Have your ever bought something only to realise you already have it at home and forgot about it  (probably because it is stored away both phyically and mentally). Sometimes I think i have hoarding tendencies and at times start analysing my own hoarding habits. Here a list of things in no particular order I feel I collect and may classify me a hoarder albeit a low level hoarder:
1. Bookmarking favourite websites and then taking ages to sort them out, i have lost count of websites i add which i intended to visit back : this could article to read or items to purchase.
2. Fancy notebooks which I imagine should be adorned with wise words and neat handwriting not by my amateur fiction attempts with handwriting that could be described as split personality; sometimes cursive and Italic and at others erratic slanting in all sorts of directions loops and and big round letters.
3.Body lotion gift sets- i get given these often as presents and i buy them as presents, thing is i don't get through them quick enough.
4. Old jumpers/cardigans and clothes with bleach marks- i find it difficult to dispose of these and even kept my sisters.  Clothes which have become ruined by me being enthusiastic with household bleach; this usually ends up discolouring my fae clothes which i end up wearing around the house.
5. Birthday cards, sorry your leaving and  seasonal greeting cards from when i was a child- does anybody else feel guilty about binning cards like these. They bring memories but eventually take space,
6.Cut our recipes from newspapers. I am just going to take a picture on my phone and save.
 Magazines: I have a hard time disposing of magazines because i think they may come in handy which is why i don't buy them anymore.
7.Glass jars and containers: i collect these in case i will make that candle or moisturiser one day- never happens.
8. I noticed i was buying wool but not actually knitting or crocheting anything because i am afraid to make a mistake or spend time on something which won't look right. I once took so long to crochet a pair of baby booties that it did not fit the newborn baby (embarrassing).
9. My school work from over 14 years ago: i have disposed of most but cannot part with my French and German books even though i don't use these languages at all. My A level work i cannot part as i am now teaching the subjects and it makes interesting comparisons. I also can't part with polypockets and folders as i usually need these at some point in my work.
10. Skincare products- i hate having lots of  cosmetic products but when my skin is not behaving i start purchasing a lot and then don't consistently use them which then makes me guilty for getting it in the first place, an exmapel would be almond oil which is not adequately moisturise my skin but i purchased two bottles... hmm maybe i can concoct my own moisturiser from it...

Are there any children of hoarders (COH) out there who feel they are gravitating towards hoarding?
I would love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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